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GETIDA will help you maximize your FBA refunds. Get access to more cash, get it now & grow your Amazon business!

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Lightning Fast

Top Amazon sellers are always quick to react. GETIDA will help you get your FBA refunds quickly and always on time. This way you can keep generating steady sales and focus on growth!

Data Driven


GETIDA is a global leader in FBA auditing & reimbursements. We find FBA discrepancies that most sellers cannot find due to the complex data analytics and handling required. 

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

We service Amazon FBA sellers of any size, scale, and stage. We work with the top 100 largest Amazon sellers all the way to newly started sellers. Our solution is based on a win-win model. You only pay if we get your money back!


Full Visibility

Once you activate your GETIDA account you will have access to our dashboard within a few short minutes. This will allow you to get visibility and data on your Amazon FBA reimbursements. Try it out!

Connecting the dots

Connecting the dots

GETIDA's mission is to empower Amazon sellers by maximizing their FBA refunds. If you grow, we grow. We are bonded together and are committed to your long-term success. 

Award Winning


GETIDA is a proud Gold Winner of the American Business Awards for our technology innovation. We welcome you to our award-winning team that is committed to all your auditing & reimbursement needs.


GETIDA is a global leader in Amazon FBA auditing & reimbursements solutions. We can locate complex claim types, we have ex-Amazonians and dedicated claims specialists on our team guiding us on best practices and compliance, and we are dedicated to transparency in data analytics. With our team of claims specialists and account managers, someone is available when you need them.


Maximum Refund Recovery, Tailored to Simplicity.
GETIDA has a comprehensive team to manage all of your inventory. file claims. and ensure the highest recovery rate in the industry. We aim to provide affordable solutions to merchants selling on Amazon.




We are proud to partner with CruxFinder followers and provide YOU, The Seller, with a world-class FBA auditing & reimbursement service. We hope that the recovered funds will fuel your continued success! 

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Get $400 in Free FBA Reimbursements!

Sign Up with GETIDA and the first $400 that GETIDA will get for you in FBA reimbursements will be free! after your first $400 is recovered GETIDA will begin charging a service fee from successful FBA reimbursements that it will generate. If GETIDA did not get you any reimbursements, you will not pay anything. There are no subscription fees, no monthly fees, and you can cancel the service at any time! 

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