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How to Optimize Your Amazon Sales Using YouTube

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Get Your Free Guide Now and Learn how to properly format your YouTube titles, descriptions, keywords, and SEO. Discover how to create supercharged Amazon product videos optimized for the most impressions and performance for YouTube.

Bonus - You’ll get a FREE Video Upload Checklist and Template to Help you Transform your YouTube Descriptions.

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What’s in the guide?

Learn how to create YouTube videos that get tons of views and drive external traffic to your Amazon listings. Understand the importance of a quality title and video descriptions and discover how to use video keywords to rank your video above others. Find out what top influencers are looking for from you to help promote your products.

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    Images & Thumbnails

    Unlock the best image sizes and proper layout for powerful YouTube video thumbnails. Optimizing your images helps increase video views and drive more purchases to your Amazon listings.

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    Titles and Descriptions

    Ignite your brand awareness on YouTube and Google search with the correct video title and description. Learn how to optimize your YouTube presence, so when people search your channel on YouTube or Google, your channel appears.

  • Tag
    Keywords and Tags

    Find out what tools the pros use to help you unlock the best tags to rank your videos. Take immediate action to rank your new and existing videos for keywords with our fail-proof method.

What you’ll Learn

Download this guide and learn How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel Like A Pro and Increase Your Amazon Sales

Bonus: Get a FREE Video Upload Checklist and Template to Help you Transform your YouTube Descriptions

Things you will learn from reading this guide:

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    How to set up a YouTube video Channel with proper SEO, so your content is Discoverable

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    Learn Proper Formatting of your video’s title and description to skyrocket your ranking

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    Discover how to find the best Tags, Thumbnails, Subtitles, End Screens, Cards, Video Length, and more!

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1

The Importance of Profitability on Amazon

Chapter 2

The Cost of Selling on Amazon

Chapter 3

How to Measure Profitability

Chapter 4

Understanding ASIN Profitability

Chapter 5

How to Increase Profit Immediately

Chapter 6

Removing Excess Inventory

Chapter 7

FBA: Discrepancies and Reimbursements

Chapter 8

Building Better Profit Long-Term

Chapter 9

Seller Central Bookkeeping

Chapter 10

Deducting Inventory From Balance Sheet