GETIDA - How To Read An Amazon Income Statement

Reading and understanding Amazon's income statement can be challenging for Amazon sellers. Get the free eBook today and learn how to read your Amazon income statement and more! 

GETIDA - How to read an Amazon income statement - eBook Cover-3D-V2


What's In the eBook?

Learn how to read your Amazon income statement. Understand how much money Amazon is paying you and why. Learn where to find all the transactions related to your Amazon orders, refunds, selling fees, Amazon lending, shipping services, FBA removal orders, and much more!

Connect the numbers

Understand how it all works. This E-Book will show you how all your Amazon financial transactions connect to each other. 

Be on the alert

Raise your awareness and know exactly what to expect when getting paid by Amazon. Knowing your financials on Amazon is extremely valuable for staying profitable! 

Speed matters

Take immediate action. Understanding your Amazon financials to the penny will allow you to take lighting speed actions when needed. Stay ahead of the game!  

GETIDA - How to read an Amazon income statement - eBook Cover-3D-V2

What You'll Learn In This E-Book:

Download this ebook to learn how to effectively engage with Amazon's income statement and financial reporting to boost productivity and increase sales.

Things you will learn from reading this E-Book

  • What to expect when getting paid by Amazon
  • How to reduce Amazon fees
  • Pick the right selling category
  • Audit your account for financial errors
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Full Chapter List


Introduction to Amazon Income Statement and balances


Financial breakdown of Amazon orders


Financial breakdown of Amazon refunds


The financials behind Amazon selling fees


How does Amazon Lending works


Financials behind Amazon shipping and handling


Where are all the Amazon financial data reports located


Choosing the right Amazon category


Amazon Inventory management and returns


How to audit your Amazon account